foot|ing [ˈfutıŋ] n
1.) [singular]
the conditions or arrangements on which something is based
put/place sth on a ... footing
He wanted to put their relationship on a permanent footing.
a financial/commercial/legal etc footing
The city started the new year on a stronger financial footing.
on an equal footing (with sb/sth)/on the same footing (as sb/sth)
(=in the same state or condition as other people or things)
The new law puts women on an equal legal footing with men.
Many of the old polytechnics are now on the same footing as universities.
a sound/firm/secure footing
They managed to get the business onto a more secure footing.
The whole country was on a war footing (=ready to go to war at any time) .
2.) [singular]
a firm hold with your feet when you are standing on a dangerous surface
Seb struggled to keep his footing on the slippery path.
lose/miss your footing
(=be unable to keep standing or balancing)
The girl lost her footing and fell about 150 feet.
3.) [C usually plural]
the solid base of bricks, stone etc that is under a building to support it and fasten it to the ground

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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